Lunch Q & A

  • Hearty! Lunch table d'hote! Weekly in 10 types available, we do not get bored customers.Also sold one coin bento for lunch.Please try once.

    • Fried food

      About 780 yen

      Rice, pickles, soup, almond tofu is attached.
      Pepper steak, Ebichiri-Mabo tofu classic will appeared in the weekly.

    • noodles

      About 780 yen

      Half fried rice, almond tofu is attached.
      You appeared in weekly from barbecued pork noodle-Dandan noodles, Gomoku sauce chow mein and the like.

  • We summarized that the frequently asked from Q & A customers.

    • Q1, you use the Round Table's private room even with a small number of people?
      A, and of course appetizer if does not contain a reservation to the other.So also the primary meeting if 8.30 or later is greater that has been completed, is also often available.We hope you are able to verify by telephone on the day.
      Since there is also a semi-private room seat that bulkhead. In the blind, is there also recommended use.
      Q2, lunch of Aiseki, you can avoid?
      A, it should be relatively empty if before midnight or 13 o'clock or later.Thursday Toka vacant According to the place where I heard the clerk.Once crowded we are absolutely become Aiseki.I'm sorry.
      Q3, or you can use the card?
      A, you can use if visa and master.There, Please note that only 5000 yen or more accounting.
      Q4, Do you have only all-you-can-drink?
      A, it does not.Will course menu and set.Since coming to Uwabami san and deficit (^ _ ^;)

    • Q5, or bring drinks are available?
      A, it is possible when it was all you can drink.It is possible in some cases also cake and the like.Please try to contact us.
      Q6, Do you have your investment?
      A, no.Please eat your favorite things.
      Q7, do you take Toka cancellation fee?
      A, do not take.But, cancellation or number of people changes will be saved if us to contact properly.
      Q8, there is Sichuan hemp Auntie to Cantonese cuisine Why?
      A, it is hailed as the Cantonese cuisine, but you incorporate whatever I thought delicious.
      Q9, leading Japanese?
      A, it leads roughly.Important is the mind to try to convey!
      Q10, is do I have to stay long at the banquet?
      A, it is there.Can you stay until closing.
      Long after the end of 20 minutes when it was 2 hour course is okay.

    • Q11, Saturdays and Sundays you can banquet?
      A, 15 available upon when it was more people, but you might hear at 15 people or less, please contact us.Because I think that on weekends if the charter, you can party all day long!
      Q12, it does not lead phone.
      A, since Saturday, Sunday and public holidays is basically a rest, and we'd appreciate it if you could the net reservation.
      Q13, lunch is you can buy at any time?
      A, 11: 30 ~ 12: up to 30 will be sold in the shop.Order when it was lunch time is also possible.But, please understand that I will there was priority if the store is you are busy.By the way, that's after 12:30 you or become 50 yen discount.