• [Cold]

    • Of three types cold platter

      Of three types cold platter

      980 yen

      Steamed chicken, roast pork special, is a jellyfish of 3 Tanehiyana.

    • Assorted of pentathlon cold

      Assorted of pentathlon cold

      1380 yen

      Special barbecued pork, steamed chicken, sausage, Pitan, a 5-Tanehiyana of jellyfish.

    • Guangdong char siu

      Guangdong char siu

      700 yen

      Specialty is barbecued pork.

    • Chicken steamed

      Chicken steamed

      680 yen

      Soft and easy to eat.

    • Sausage


      680 yen

      Firm will have a taste.

    • Pitan



      Egg's duck.

    • Tossed jellyfish head

      Tossed jellyfish head

      1080 yen

      Head is more crunchy good.
      I tossed in Karame.

    • Marinated jellyfish

      Marinated jellyfish

      780 yen

      Fresh feeling.

    • Sichuan-style Boboniwatori

      780 yen

      So-called is drool chicken.
      Pungency has worked.

  • [Dim Sum]

    • Grilled dumplings (six)

      Grilled dumplings (six)

      450 yen

      It is baked dumplings of our most popular NO.1.
      Firmly delicious even without sauce.

    • Water dumplings (eight)

      Water dumplings (eight)

      450 yen

      Sauce has issued a black vinegar recently.

    • Shrimp dumplings

      Shrimp dumplings

      450 yen

    • Spring roll

      Spring roll

      450 yen

      Skin is crispy.

    • Manju boiled pork angle

      Manju boiled pork angle

      750 yen

    • Small Ryutsutsumi

      680 yen

    • Steamed meat dumpling

      450 yen

  • 【seafood】

    • Chili sauce of the prawns

      Chili sauce of the prawns

      1280 yen

      Texture of Puripuri is good.

    • Chili sauce of grass shrimp

      Chili sauce of grass shrimp

      980 yen

      Needless to say popular person.

    • Mayonnaise prawns

      Mayonnaise prawns

      1280 yen

      It is Chinese food is not in China for the Japanese.

    • Ebimayo

      980 yen

    • Stir-fry of grass shrimp and cashew nuts

      880 yen

      Popular dish for women.

    • Fried three kinds seafood

      Fried three kinds seafood

      1080 yen

      Scallops, shrimp is fried squid and vegetables.

    • Iron plate oyster

      Iron plate oyster

      1280 yen

      Soy sauce stew of oysters.
      The owner is a love oysters.Since it becomes offered at the iron plate, please take care.

    • Over boiled sauce of squid

      980 yen

      Dish you are of a fixed fan.
      Please eat in the green onion ginger sauce.

  • 【pork】

    • Soy sauce braised pork belly

      Soy sauce braised pork belly

      980 yen

      The skin with rose meat of the pig was stewed soft over time.

    • sweet and sour pork

      sweet and sour pork

      980 yen

      It was entwined in a special sweet and sour sauce.

    • Black vinegar sweet and sour pork

      Black vinegar sweet and sour pork

      980 yen

      Black vinegar version.

    • Times pot meat

      Times pot meat

      780 yen

      It fried chili miso pork and cabbage.
      Rice does not stop Tsu!

    • Pepper steak

      Pepper steak

      780 yen

      Sweet peppers blue pepper, meat 絲 is the shredded pork.
      Peppers hate the cure in this!

    • Nor fried garlic buds and pigs

      Nor fried garlic buds and pigs

      780 yen

      Towards the bud of garlic than garlic is seems there is a nutrition.

    • Stir-fried bean sprouts lever

      Stir-fried bean sprouts lever

      780 yen

      Lever is iron-rich, Toka made in the prevention of anemia.

  • [Duck meat and poultry]

    • Peking duck

      Peking duck

      1/4 mice 1980 yen

      One animal 7000 yen

    • Stir fried chicken and cashew nuts

      Stir fried chicken and cashew nuts

      780 yen

      Popular with women!
      Cashew nuts is a good texture.

    • Deep-fried chicken

      Deep-fried chicken

      780 yen

      It is a staple.

    • Oil 淋鶏

      Oil 淋鶏

      780 yen

      Outside the middle and crispy finish to juicy, dish multiplied by the special sauce.

    • Stir-fried Chinese miso chicken

      Stir-fried Chinese miso chicken

      780 yen

      Chinese miso series.

    • Fried court pungency of chicken

      780 yen

      Hemp exquisite collaboration of (Sichuan pepper) and 辣 (pepper).

    • Fried black vinegar chicken

      780 yen

  • 【beef】

    • Soy sauce stew of cattle rose

      Soy sauce stew of cattle rose

      980 yen

      Is soft towards the cattle rose from pork belly.

    • Fried bud of swage and garlic

      Fried bud of swage and garlic

      980 yen

      Honeycomb tripe is the second stomach of cattle.It is soft.

    • Fried oyster sauce of cow thigh

      Fried oyster sauce of cow thigh

      980 yen

      You may have to sell the No. 1 in the beef.

    • Sichuan-style beef pot

      Sichuan-style beef pot

      980 yen

      Hemp (Sichuan pepper) 辣 (pepper) has worked.

    • Stir-fried beef Shredded and green peppers

      980 yen

      Beef version of the pepper steak.
      It is chewy feeling increased.

  • 【egg】

    • Kanidama


      980 yen


    • Stir-fried shrimp and egg

      Stir-fried shrimp and egg

      850 yen

      Well you see in the lunch.
      Seasoned salt system.
      Eat well Customers I have or over a period of soy sauce and the like.

    • Fungus, meat, egg fried

      Fungus, meat, egg fried

      780 yen

      In the egg system is No. 1 popular.

    • Stir-fried tomato and egg

      800 yen

      Tomato is also delicious stir-fry.

  • [Vegetables]

    • Fried Sorashin'na

      Fried Sorashin'na

      980 yen

      Recommended every day if summer.
      After all, the season is No. 1!

    • Stir-fried pea sprout

      Stir-fried pea sprout

      780 yen

      Vitamin is good rich body.

    • Mabo eggplant

      Mabo eggplant

      850 yen

      It is eggplant.

    • Stir-fried Chinese miso eggplant

      850 yen

      It is eggplant.It is spicy.

    • Stir-fried meat vegetables

      Stir-fried meat vegetables

      780 yen

  • 【tofu】

    • Mabo tofu

      Mabo tofu

      700 yen

      Sichuan pepper of incense (hemp) and 辣 irresistible.

    • Sichuan Mapo tofu

      Sichuan Mapo tofu

      980 yen

      Pungency is Yes and we laughed, but please Gokukarashi hope offer.

  • 【Fried Rice】

    • Gomoku Fried Rice

      Gomoku Fried Rice

      750 yen

      Vertex in the origin.

    • Special XO sauce fried rice

      Special XO sauce fried rice

      900 yen

      Dried shrimp is fried rice with special sauce made with dried scallops and Jinhua ham and the like.

    • Crab sauce fried rice

      Crab sauce fried rice

      850 yen

      It is the sauce.

    • Shrimp Fried Rice

      850 yen

    • Mustard fried rice

      780 yen

    • Lettuce fried rice

      780 yen

      Lettuce is also fried crisp.

  • 【noodles】

    • chilled Chinese noodles

      chilled Chinese noodles

      780 yen

      Summer is limited.
      Is a summer tradition.

    • Dandan noodles

      Dandan noodles

      780 yen

      Lunch since its inception ⑦ number is this guy of things!
      Hemp 辣風 taste to the smell of sesame seeds.

    • ramen

      650 yen

      simple is best!

    • Vegetables Tanmen

      750 yen

      Vegetables versatile, is salty.

    • Gomoku Tanmen

      800 yen

    • Tenshinmen

      800 yen

    • Shanghai fried noodles

      780 yen

      You will want to eat on a regular basis.

    • Chow mein

      Chow mein

      780 yen

      Mein boundaries of the ace.You can also solid grilled.

    • Iron plate source chow mein

      Iron plate source chow mein

      780 yen

      It is quite popular.

    • Guangdong wind grilled rice vermicelli

      800 yen

      Soul Food store manager.
      Order rate Hikushi.